Friday’s Beauty Boutique Haul – Urban Decay and St. Tropez

Today I received a few goodies in the mail that I am excited to start trying out!

In Canada there is a drugstore called Shoppers Drug Mart and they have a higher end makeup boutique called the Beauty Boutique. I love buying makeup on their website because I can get Shoppers Optimum points and use them later to purchase free makeup!

Today’s haul included one lip product and one skin routine product.

The lip product is the Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick in the color Menace. I have heard amazing things about this lipstick and can not wait to try it. It is apparently matte, waterproof and long-lasting which is pretty important for me in a liquid lipstick. I hate when I apply liquid lipstick and it is worn off in an hour.


The second product I got in this haul was the St. Tropez Sunshine Ready Kit. I chose this kit because it has quite a bit of product for its price point and I wanted to try various forms of their self tanner to see which worked best on my skin.


I must admit I tan in the sun very easily but I often do not tan evenly so I hope to use these self tanners to keep my glow even!

I am excited to try these products out and feature them in upcoming posts. I am expecting quite a few more packages in the next week so if you are interested in more haul posts leave me a comment and let me know! Also if you have tried out these products let me know if you liked them.




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