Makeup Revolution Review – Redemption Palette Iconic 3

I finally caved and did an order on Shipping to Canada was free when I spent $40 and the website was really user friendly and listed all the prices in Canadian (if you set the setting to Canada). TAM Beauty is known for their dupes of high end makeup, especially Naked, Lorac and Chocolate Bar palettes.

I picked up quite a few things but one I was most excited for was the Iconic 3 palette (for $7 CAD) because I have always wanted the Naked 3 palette but couldn’t justify the money. I like the Naked 2 and have hit pan on a few of the colors, but I also have the Naked Smoky and find it hard to use for an everyday look and I rarely reach for it.


TheĀ Redemption Palette Iconic 3 has 12 mostly warm toned neutral rosey shades: 7 matte shades and 5 shimmery shades. I really like the lighter matte colors as crease and transition shades. The most disappointing shade is the lightest shade because it is not very pigmented and doesn’t show up as a brow highlight like I anticipated. The darker shades are great for smudging on the lower lash line, although they do have a bit of fall out. The texture is a bit drier than I like in an eyeshadow, which makes the shimmers less pigmented. I find the shimmer shades are not long wearing and wear off my lids in a few hours, even with setting spray. If you use a setting spray directly on your brush you can make the shimmers show up quite well though and last a bit longer.


The Pros:

  • beautiful colors
  • when wet the shimmers show up beautifully
  • it has a good range of matte and shimmer shadows
  • it is very affordable

The Cons:

  • the formula is somewhat dry
  • there is fall out if you do not tap off your brush well
  • some shades are not very pigmented

Overall I do enjoy this palette and will reach for it when I am looking for rosey toned shadows. If you can’t afford Naked 3 I definitely think this is a great way to try out warm rosey shadows. For $7 CAD it is a pretty great palette!

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