Decluttering – Pt. 2 Moving On

I decided to go through my makeup collection and pull out things I do not use anymore and pass them on to my sister.


Eyes & Extras:

Mascara’s – Clinique, Smashbox, Benefit & Loreal – I have tried all three of these mascaras and got more as sample sizes in various subscriptions and Sephora orders. I like the Clinique one but it doesn’t do enough for me to love it. I find the Smashbox Full Exposure has a really large brush and I don’t love it. I really dislike Benefit’s They’re Real, I find it impossible to get off at the end of the night and the formula is too dry. I usually like drier formulas but this one just doesn’t coat my lashes very well. I LOVE L’Oreal Lash Paradise I just accidentally bought waterproof which I find too hard to get off for everyday mascara so I am passing it on to my sister. I already repurchased it in their non-waterproof formula.

Eyeliners – L’Oreal and Bellapierre – I liked both of these eyeliners but I just don’t reach for them anymore. The Bellapierre is just a typical black pencil and isn’t anything special. I use my Makeup Forever and Tarte pencils much more often. The L’Oreal Infallible Smoky eyeliner is a cool concept, it comes out more like a smoky powder and it does not budge all day and is great for smoking out the lower lash line or adding some extra color to your lash line. I just don’t use it anymore.

Highligher – Benefit’s Watt’s Up – I really like this but because it is creamy I find I forget not to set my face first so I can’t use it as easily. I have another sample size one so I decided I didn’t need two and my sister really wanted to try it. I doubt I would use up two before they expired so I am passing it on.  It is a great highlight though!



Concealer – Elf and Hard Candy – I find both of these concealers way too cakey and they crease really bad. I didn’t find the Glamoflauge as amazing as everyone says it is and it doesn’t last very long on my oily skin.

Bronzer – Body Shop – I find this bronzer super orange but my sister is fair skinned so it may work better for her.

Powder- Elf Booster – I have so many powders and I just don’t reach for this one. It is not special enough to make the cut!

Primer- Body Shop – I find this primer really heavy and it actually breaks me out. My sister doesn’t have sensitive skin so she might like it.



Eye shadow Palette – ELF – I used to LOVE this palette, as it obviously looks well loved. I find ELF has good drug store eye shadows and they actually are quite pigmented and creamy for how cheap they are. I just have so many eye shadow palettes that I love more now so I am passing this on to my sister. She saw it and is really excited to play with it!



Lipsticks – Makeup Forever (Freedom) and Essence – I find the Makeup Forever reds really bleed and I don’t suit red to begin with so the fact that it bleeds really bad just turned me off. My sister loves red lips so she may like these. The Essence is a nude shade that is way too light for me. My sister is fairer but I feel it may even be too light for her. I love Essence lipsticks though, this shade just didn’t make the cut.

Liquid Lipstick – Kat Von D – I got this in a Sephora Lip Sample Kit and I find it to be quite streaky which I don’t like in a dark lip product. My sister loves the color though so she will still get use out of it!

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