Colourpop Cosmetics Shipping to Canada


I have been waiting for the Yes Please eyeshadow palette to be restocked on ColourPop’s website, and finally I got an email about it being restocked. I waited until 10AM PT (11 AM my time) and quickly ordered it. I also ordered 3 Glossy Lippies, 3 Satin Lippies and the Hi-Maintenance palette and a highlighter and pressed shadow.


They offer free International Shipping for orders over $50 USD. My order totalled $63.00 USD which came out to $81.83 CAD plus I owed $19 CAD in duty charges when it arrived. This means my whole order ended up costing more than $100 CAD. I ordered August 24, received shipping confirmation on August 28 and then received the package September 6. The package was well wrapped and no products were damaged during transit.

On first impression I was really excited for everything. The packaging is simple and practical and I appreciate that most of it will be able to be recycled. The only thing that disappointed me was the size of the Yes Please palette. It is VERY small, the shadows themselves are about half of a usual pressed eyeshadow and the palette easily fits in the palm of my hand. I have watched lots of YouTube videos featuring the platte and honestly never noticed it being so small. However, it was only $12 USD so it still a fairly good value.


I plan to do a few more updates about this haul after trying the products a bit longer. I will also comment more about if they are still a good value for those across the border after factoring in the exchange and duty.

Let me know your experience with Colourpop in the comments!


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7 Replies to “Colourpop Cosmetics Shipping to Canada”

  1. What a gorgeous haul! I’ve never tried anything by this brand, but I’ve heard really great things (: I’m definitely going to try out their lipsticks when they come out in Sephora stores soon. Can’t wait to see the looks you’ll create with these beautiful products xoxo

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  2. That palette is so much smaller than I thought too! None of the other posts mentioned that. I was wondering how they make it $16us when shadows are normally $4 each, now I know. It’s still really pretty, I hope they do another restock as I’m not really feeling the latest colourpop palette release. Enjoy your haul!

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  3. I just got the Yes, Please palette and was very surprised on the size! I had no idea that it was so small. I also wish it had a mirror, although I knew it didn’t before I bought it. The colors are pretty, though. I love their satin lip colors, too!

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