Colourpop Satin Lips Review


I was so excited to start using my new purchases from my Colourpop haul that I have been rocking their lippies for the last week. I have mostly been testing out their Ultra Satin Lip formula and decided to let you know my opinion on them!

On a side note though, has anyone been following the drama with Kathleen Lights and Jaclyn Hill? I really like Kathleen Lights and follow her on Instagram so when I saw you her apology I had to look up what the drama was about. I am quite disappointed that she used the N word but I can’t imagine living in a world where people Snapchat me all the time and people are constantly judging what I say, do and wear. YouTube has definitely made these girls famous and although I appreciate their makeup advice I have never really thought of them as people I look up to when it comes to lifestyles or morals. You only see such a small glimpse of who they really are on YouTube and social media. Anyways the reason I bring that up is because Kathleen Lights is the reason I even know what Colourpop is, as she has collaborated with them a few times and talks about them quite often on her channel.

Now on to the review:

I purchased three Ultra Satin Lip products, all in fairly pink/mauve nude colours as that tends to be my go-to! Below are the swatches of the colours on my lips.

         Left: 951        Middle: Frick and Frack      Right: Echo Park 

As you can see they are all quite neutral colours. The formula is pigmented and they dry down fairly well and appear creamy but not glossy. I did notice that they accentuate the texture of your lips, so when my lips are dry they are noticeably dry and cracked. They are not transfer proof or long wearing but they do wear down nicely without staining the lips or getting patchy or streaky.

I can honestly say I will reach for these often. I really enjoy the formula, it is not too drying and its very wearable for everyday. I like that they wear off well without it being too noticeable. They retail for $6 USD and offer great value for their low price! I highly recommend these.


Let me know in the comments if you have tried out any of the Ultra Satin Lips or other Colourpop lip products and what you thought of them!


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4 Replies to “Colourpop Satin Lips Review”

  1. I’ve been wanting to try colourpop’s lip stuff for a while now as it seems every blog I follow raves about them! Once they’re in Sephora stores, I’ll definitely stop by to grab something (: awesome review

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