Quick everyday makeup routine


I have had quite a few discussions lately with ladies who do not wear much makeup but still want to add some quick makeup to their routine. I often do my makeup in 5-10 minutes unless I am going out or to an event so I figured I would share my quick everyday makeup routine on the blog today!

First off for my base I quickly apply BB cream all over my face and neck. I find it skips the moisturizing step because I find BB creams to be more moisturizing than foundation. I like this Rimmel BB cream because I find it provides pretty good coverage and its really easy to apply with your fingers, or quickly with a beauty sponge.


Then I apply a little concealer under my eyes and blend it out with my finger (but you can skip this step if you feel you don’t need extra coverage) and then I apply the top left powder in the Hourglass palette under my eyes to brighten and set them.

I then apply Butter bronzer to the hollows of my cheeks and temples and then one of the two blushes from the same palette to the apples of my cheeks. If I want some highlight I will quickly pop on the highlight from the hourglass palette (top middle).


For the eyes I use a palette with mattes and shimmers like UD Naked 2 and quickly apply a matte shade like “Tease” as the transition shade and then a shimmer like “Suspect” (the 6th from the right) all over the lid. If you are looking for a good drugstore eyeshadow palette you can use a Maybelline City Mini Palette with mattes and shimmers.

Then I quickly fill in my brows with something like Essence “make me brow” and pop on some volume mascara and I am good to go! You can also quickly add a lipgloss to finish the look.


Here is a picture of the completed look! It is super natural and doesn’t look like I am wearing much makeup at all but just enough that I feel confident throughout the day.

I find the key to a quick look a is a versatile palette like the Hourglass Vol. 3. However, it is pretty pricey so if you are looking for a drugstore version I know NYX offers a few contour palettes that have blush and bronzer as well as some eye shadows for under $20. You can also just use your favorite bronzer or blush, I just like the convenience of the multi-palette.

Let me know what you quick everyday make up staples are!


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